Vintage Creations Recycled Cashmere & Other Luxuries


Vintage Creations was founded by Seattle native Beth Nielsen in 1998. An avid collector of all things old, particularly in textiles, Beth was drawn to use these recycled/vintage materials to make new wearable clothing and accessories.  “I have a business degree from Central Washington University and worked in the corporate world as a Human Resource Executive for 7 years,” says Beth. “When the last company I worked for decided to relocate to LA it seemed like the time was right to make a move.”

Beth has thrived in her career as an entrepreneur.  Originally starting with children’s clothing, Beth moved on to creating clothing for adults from recycled cashmere sweaters. The business really took off when Beth followed her passion to women’s wear and began specializing in knitwear and accessories. “I have always been the type of person that had the drive to accomplish what I set out to do,” says Beth. “I wasn’t afraid of failing, for me the only failure is a failure to try.” Her attitude in life and business are reflected in the unique designs of her clothing and accessories.


Beth Nielsen

Beth has been successful growing Vintage Creations into a company that serves clients around North America. The line is carried at small boutiques across the US & Canada. All pieces are hand dye, cut & sewn in our studio. Each piece is one of a kind and totally recycled. Beth has now shown her line in many of the top art and craft festivals in the US and Canada as well as trade shows in the US such as Pool and Designers & Agents.



You can purchase items online or if you are in the Seattle area at Pike Place Market please stop in and visit us where we set up daily. Watch the upcoming events page as we do several arts and crafts shows around the US and Canada.


Don’t throw them away, Vintage Creations can repurpose them and give them new life! It’s OK if they have holes, stains, etc, we just need to have the 100% cashmere tag still attached. Contact us today!